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Intervju med Weaves om hår, samarbete och märklighet

1688954_268010860031902_22555802_nI samband med att Torontobandet Weaves förra veckan släppte sin entusiastiska debut-EP skickade vi över en del frågor till bandets sångerska Jasmyn Burke. Det kom att handla om allt från varför hår är en bra sak att döpa ditt musikprojekt efter, samarbetet med bandkamraten Morgan Waters (som verkar vara något utav en motsats till Jasmyn) och – så klart – märkliga musikvideos.

Först och främst, hur träffades ni och hur föddes idén om Weaves?

Well Weaves was what I had already called the project as a solo endeavor. And then when Morgan and I joined forces I rallied to keep the name as I think hair is an interesting thing to name your music after – it’s always growing and changing and so is our music. As for our meeting, Morgan came to one of my solo shows and approached me after asking if I might be interested in collaborating. We met a few times and started hitting and groove and essentially Weaves the band was born.

Er briljanta debut-EP visar upp en bred blandning av infulenser från en hel del genrar, var hittar du inspiration och hur skulle du beskriva Weaves säregna musik? 

I think you can draw inspiration from anything. Maybe a delicious day, a good read, and an argument it’s all relevant. For myself, it’s important to just sit in a room and really just work alone for a few hours and let things just come out. My writing process is really transient and it’s hard for me to stay in a certain space for much more than an hour, whereas Morgan can sit and develop a song for days, weeks, forever really. I think separately we each have our own inspiration but together we try and create pop songs within a band that likes to experiment and toil with improve. It’s nu “jazz.” That’s what I’ve been calling it lately. Hah.

Berätta om arbetet som resulterade i EP:n.

The EP is really a clump of songs that we had previously released on the Internet with two new additional songs. Most of the songs were recorded just about a year ago, last Spring either in Morgan’s bedroom or in additional studios. But I think we both feel most comfortable outside of a studio so most was just music we had worked on in Morgs’ room.

Hur har bemötandet av släppet varit?

It’s been really great so far. People seem to be digging the videos. I mean, the EP has only been out for three days* so maybe the haters will come in the next week, but so far it’s been quite positive.

*Intervjun gjordes i samband med EP-släppet men publicering har tyvärr dröjt. Inga haters än dock.

Vad jag älskar med Weaves är att i princip varje låt är en mix av genrar man aldrig trodde skulle resultera i en så beroendeframkallande och lekfull musik som det de facto gör. Hur kommer det sig att slutprodukten blev detta? 

Nature? It’s our first EP and our first year as a band so it’s really just about figuring out what everyone likes and what humans seem to enjoy live. There was never an intentional genre-bouncing quality that we set out to find, it just kind of found us. I think it’s kind of a result of listening to a wide range of music, but we’ve also discussed how there’s something to be said for the production surrounding RnB and hip hop. Morgan is very detail oriented when it comes to music and perhaps slightly more mathematical than myself. So we mix his ear with my inability to listen and usually something happens.

Hur jobbar ni när det kommmer till låtskrivandet?

I start by going to our studio and working alone. Maybe I’ll come up with 7 or 8 rough versions of songs and then I send them to Morgan. He kind of says yay or nay and he works on figuring out my demos for a few days. Then we work together and try and recreate some elements of my demo with his new recording of instruments. It’s a very collaborative process that definitely wouldn’t work without both of our brains in particular, I think. I’ve never really worked on music like this before but it works for this project.

Berätta om era videos, de är rätt konstiga, tycker du att de passar väl med er musik? 

The more weird videos for Motorcycle and Buttercup were both directed by Jason Harvey. He is a very interesting human and you kind of just have to trust that he will make something fitting with our music.  It’s been a really nice collaboration and I think he brings a new element to the music which is great. I think the videos and music fit yeah. It’s like a hamburger for sure.

Nu när EP:n är släppt, vad är att vänta härnäst från Weaves och när får vi se er i Europa?

We’d love to come to Europe but for now we have some Canadian tour dates and a little jaunt down to the states, but we have much more in our jean jackets and hopefully we’ll be able to deliver new music to the public sooner rather than later. But for now – enjoy the fresh EP.



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