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Intervju med Glass Animals; “We could have been the Feta Nipples”

Det har gått två veckor sedan Glass Animals släppte sin spännande debutskiva ZABA. En tropisk samling låtar som osade såväl Dr. Dre som alt-J, FVI fick möjligheten att skicka iväg ett antal frågor till bandet som är lika lekfulla som den musik man skapar.

Ni har precis släppt er spännande debutskiva men låt oss ta det från början, hur bildades Glass Animals?
“We all got chosen by this dude called Simon Cowell. IT WAS SUCH A SURPRISE.

No I’m kidding, we met when we were 13 or 14 at school, and used to hang out and watch music we liked and sneak out of school together. Quite a lot later Dave came home from university and told us he had written some music, he played it to us and asked us if we wanted to be in a band. We said yes. It was romantic.”

Ni har ända sedan början jämförts en hel del med alt-J, men jag vill mena på att ni successivt hittat något mer tropiskt och mer eget. Hur skulle ni beskriva ert sound?
“That is the hardest question to ask a band…its like me asking you to describe your face…you know you have eyes, a nose and a mouth, but its hard to differentiate it from anyone else’s face, because its yours, and you’ve seen it so much. I guess its the result of all the music we like and listen to being churned up in our heads and transformed into something different. We listen to all kinds of music, Dave loves hip-hop, and old RnB (people like Otis Reading, Nina Simone and Bill Withers). We listen to lots electronic music too, and krautrock, also people like Flying Lotus and Carribou. Its a massive mish mash of stuff.”

Berätta om ert debutalbum, ZABA.
“ZABA is like our first child. We are very proud of it. Its a snap shot of Glass Animals at the time we made it. We wanted to try and make a record that made sense as a whole, that worked from start to finish and that occupied its own world, but within that world we wanted each of the songs to be a different chapter, and to offer something slightly different to the other songs.

Hur var arbetsprocessen?
“Making it was a lot of fun, dave did all the production at home in his bedroom, and recorded lots of strange sounds there. We took it into the studio, and recorded drums and vocals and guitars, and had a great time playing with loads of weird instruments and gadgets, which we didn’t have at home. The studio allowed us to move the songs on a little bit…in a cool way. It was great fun to make.”

Paul Epworth (Adele, Florence and the Machine, Coldplay mfl.) producerade albumet och har varit med sen början, hur träffades ni?
“Paul showed up to one of first shows in London and we went for a drink with him afterwards. Then he took us to see Flying Lotus, he got lots of brownie points from us for that. We chatted about music, and were all really excited about working together… so we decided that we probably should.”


Vad som fångade min uppmärksamhet väldigt snabbt var albumomslaget som i min mening speglar musiken mer än väl. Vad hade ni för intentioner när ni valde det?
“Thanks! We had a pretty strong idea of what we wanted it to look like. We had a reference in a piece by Alberto del Pozo called Echu Elegua (till vänster), but we wanted to recontextualize it and make it more personal to us. We found this American illustrator called Micah Lidberg, and he really understood what we were after. We gave him a handful of specific things we wanted in the artwork (i.e. a flamingo with a chain around its neck, a pineapple, a tapir etc) and some more general things like a colour scheme and types of plant life, some patterns we liked, and the level of detail we wanted. Then he came back to us with this, and it was awesome.

Jag har alltid haft ett något ohäslosamt intresse för bandnamn, så varför heter ni Glass Animals?
“We just opened a dictionary at two random places and put our fingers down…animals was first, glass was the second word. So we switched them around and came up with Glass Animals. SO LUCKY, imagine what we could have had. We could have been the Feta Nipples.”

Och när vi ändå är inne på namn, ZABA, varför?
“Daves favourite book as a kid was called THE ZABAJABA JUNGLE, it is a strange fantastical children’s book by the guy who wrote Shrek. The way it is written is sort of how we wanted the record to work… each page is a different little adventure inside of one world (the book) but they all make sense together as one. We wanted the songs inside the record to do the same sort of thing. ZABA is also a word that doesn’t mean anything in english, it doesn’t come with any pre-conceptions, people can make their own.”




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